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Why use TournamentTiger™ to host your Martial Arts Tournaments?
With each new day, you have an opportunity to assess and improve your business processes, and much like training in martial arts, there will always be something that you can improve upon. If you are still building brackets for your martial arts tournaments by hand or trying to use registration sites that were not designed for martial arts, then you owe it to yourself to find out how we can help.

Here are just a handful of good reasons to use our tournament software for your martial arts tournament:

  1. TournamentTiger™ is tournament software for martial artists, by martial artists.
  2. We take a genuine interest in your success and we will help you set up and run tournaments in any martial art.
  3. No tournament is too big or too small - TournamentTiger™ is highly configurable allowing you to pick and choose the features that work best for you.
  4. It is entirely online, so there is nothing to install, download, or upgrade so you can be sure you are always using the latest version.
  5. It will save you time and money and improve the participant experience, keeping them coming back year after year.

But you don't have to take our word for it. Checkout some of the tournaments being hosted on TournamentTiger. Ask these tournament hosts how they have increased tournament participation, improved the competitor experience, and saved valuable time and money by using TournamentTiger™ to host their tournaments.

Some Martial Arts Tournaments on TournamentTiger™

Mongoose Open 2019 TKO Qualifier
• 4/20/2019Mongoose Martial Arts
Mongoose Open Karate Championship on TournamentTiger - Tournament software by martial artists for martial artists.

The Mongoose Open Karate Championship is a AAA (triple points) TKO rated tournament. Points earned at tournament will go toward TKO State Championship and The League World Championship.

Start time 9:30 am SHARP!

For more information contact:
Mike Palomo
Mongoose Martial Arts
Mongoose Martial Arts on Facebook

Battle at the Bay 2019 TKO Qualifier
• 5/4/2019Annette Benavidez
Battle at the Bay 2019 TKO Qualifier on TournamentTiger - Tournament software by martial artists for martial artists.
2019 Battle at the Bay TKO State Qualifier

We are pleased to invite you to the Battle at the Bay TKO Karate Qualifier! We have established a rating system for tournaments and athletes, as well as judging parameters that will serve to elevate the standards and quality of Sport Karate. All competitors to be ranked and qualify for State Finals must attend a TKO Karate Qualifier! Tournaments that uses TKO rules and divisions will be considered a TKO “Qualifier”. There will be TKO regions throughout Texas. The players from each Region with the most points will earn top ranking at State Finals.


The state tournament is open to anyone regardless of being a TKO member; however, all TKO members will be eligible to be seeded (placed in a preferred position of competition) at the state finals. Non-seeded competitors will be seeded as “Wild Card” players. The winner of the wild card players will then advance with the seeded players to compete for the state title. We will be using TKO rules at all TKO events . All competitors are required to check and send any corrections before the TKO State Finals deadline on our website. The season begins January and ends October of each year. A copy of the official TKO rules can be downloaded on our website.

We look forward to another fantastic year and hope to see you real soon!

Wayne Nguyen TKO League Founder

For more information contact:
Annette Benavidez

California State Hanmadang 2019
• 5/4/2019California State Hanmadang

Although the Hanmadang was initially established as a Taekwondo event, the majority of the events can be performed by any style martial artists. In order to provide an opportunity for all martial art schools and styles to participate, we have opened up the California State Hanmadang to everyone who practices traditional martial arts.

It is in this spirit that the California State Hanmadang provides a unique competition experience for all martial arts students. It gives the true majority of students a venue to test and showcase their skills in a plethora of events within Poomsae (forms), Kyukpa (breaking) and Demonstration Teams.

Taekwondo sparring is very well known as an Olympic sport. However, because of the high skill level and physical conditioning needed to be successful at sparring, the average Taekwondo School in the United States only has approximately 10% of the student body participating in sparring class and competitions. This usually also applies to the other martial arts as well. The California State Hanmadang events are for the other 90% of students who do not like to participate in sparring. The California State Hanmadang offers the opportunity for the 90% to showcase their skills in traditional forms, creative forms, creative board breaking, power breaking, and demonstration team events.

The Official California State Hanmadang follows the guidelines, procedures and systems of the world renowned U.S. Open Taekwondo Hanmadang, which is hosted every year by the United States Taekwondo Committee in Colorado Springs, CO. You can be confident of an efficient, well organized and professional championship for an incredible competition experience!

Congratulations in becoming part of history, as you will be participating in the very first state level Hanmadang in California! We are very proud to announce that all style participants will also be welcomed to participate at the 11th U.S. Open Hanmadang in Colorado Springs at the Broadmoor World Arena from July 25th-27th, 2019!!!

We’ll see you at the California State Hanmadang!

-Johnny CW Kang
US Taekwondo Committee
California State President

Follow us on instagram at: www.instagram.com/california_hanmadang
Follow us on Twitter at: twitter.com/CHanmadang

For more information contact:
(925) 252-KICK (5425)

* Special gift ($30 Value) from the Museum of Ice Cream for the first 100 participants to register!

Our Sponsors

Oregon State Taekwondo Hanmadang 2019
• 5/3/2019 - 5/4/2019 Oregon State Hanmadang

MooDoTKD is excited to announce that we’ll be hosting the second annual Oregon State Taekwondo Hanmadang tournament, held right here in Eugene Oregon.

The Oregon State Taekwondo Hanmadang will be divided into TWO parts over two days:
• Part One: The Martial Art Expo on Friday, May 3rd at NW Ninja Park in Springfield.
• Part Two: The Statewide Taekwondo Hanmadang Tournament on Saturday, May 4th at Venue 252. This is an officially sanctioned USTC event.

The Hanmadang is an internationally sanctioned tournament that is a non-sparring, skill based competition. Events include forms, creative forms, combination board breaking, power breaking, speed spinning hook kick, high jump front and flying side kick for distance board break events and team competition. We will also be hosting an all styles open weapons tournament on Friday, May 3rd as part of the Hanmadang.

Eligibility for enrollment: all belt levels/all ranks, ages 6+, anyone from any state can enroll in this tournament.

The Hanmadang is an important evolution of the martial art tournament modality and practitioners truly get to exhibit, explore and compete in the full realm of their martial art training and skills.

For more information contact:
MooDo Taekwondo
Tim Greathouse

SMA Spring 2019 Intramural Tournament
• 5/11/2019Seo's Martial Arts Academy

Seo’s Martial Arts Intramural tournament will be held in downtown Denver at the beautiful Colorado Convention Center.

Registration Is Now Open! Register early and save.

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