Convenience and simplicity your users will appreciate.

Online Participant Registration

TournamentTiger™ is an online Martial Arts Tournament registration system allowing participants to select brackets and divisions while registering for any karate or taekwondo tournament. Online participant registration increases efficiency and eliminates unnecessary paperwork. Maximize tournament participation by allowing participants to sign up when and where it is most convenient for them, using any internet-enabled computer, tablet, or smart-phone device. The TournamentTiger™ application's e-commerce features provide additional marketing opportunities and can increase your revenue during the registration process.

Online Registration Highlights

  1. An easy-to-use online registration system allowing participants to register for any event they qualify for (and none they don’t).
  2. Flexible payment system allows for credit card, cash and available discount coupon options for special pricing.
  3. Increase your revenue and participant satisfaction by offering t-shirts, spectator passes, and other merchandise along side registration.
  4. A secure payment system to keep participant’s information safe and allows for rapid, frequent deposits to be made directly into your bank account.


Save time and money with smart & efficient tools.

Configurable Bracketing Engine

TournamentTiger™ can automatically create martial arts tournament brackets and make ring assignments for any style of martial arts tournament. Our tournament software can automatically and intelligently generate tournament brackets and make ring assignments saving significant time and effort over conventional methods. Our configurable bracketing software offers the benefits of an automated bracket generation system while retaining the flexibility of a manual, paper-based bracketing process. This makes it easy to account for varying participant characteristics, division configurations, and number of rings. When your done, post the divisions online for easy review and increased participant excitement.

Bracketing Highlights

  1. Build brackets according to your divisions with the push of a button.
  2. Brackets can be seeded using several different algorithms, favoring age, rank, weight, registration date, or completely randomized.
  3. Use the drag-n-drop interface to quickly combine, split, or override the order of any division.
  4. Assign divisions to rings according to your schedule of events using a simple drag-n-drop interface.
  5. Avoid same-school matches in the 1st round.
  6. Team and Individual Events are both supported.


Improve efficiency with quick-entry scoring and time keeping.

Ring-Side Scoring & Holding Management

TournamentTiger™ can create score and track divisions, placements, and league points for any martial arts tournament including karate and taekwondo tournaments. Increase efficiency at the ring with our quick-entry tournament scoring and time keeping system. Automatically calculate and display match results for both individual and team events such as sparring, traditional forms, creative forms, creative breaking, power breaking or other record-based events. Support for large-format displays at each ring adds an extra opportunity to inform participants, referees, judges, and spectators of a match's progress and results.

Scoring & Holding Highlights

  1. Flexible, configurable record keeping designed to accommodate a multitude of events including sparring, breaking, specialty forms, team events, etc.
  2. Ringside displays can show competitor information, photos, timing, scores, and placements keeping spectators and referees informed.
  3. Participants can keep track of holding area calls via the TournamentTiger™ web application or using the holding calls status board – no more waiting in long lines for hours wondering if your division has been called.
  4. TournamentTiger™ reduces conflicts by tracking each division/participant in each ring and identifies any participant who may be competing and is also in queue for another event.
  5. If this is more than you need, just record final placements and have your award certificates and/or league points automatically tabulated.


Efficiently generate personalized award certificates for each participant.

Award Certificates

TournamentTiger™ supports printing martial arts tournament award certificates and posting bracket, division and tournament league results online. The awards podium can often become a significant bottleneck as participants from each ring file in to receive their awards. This is particularly true when participants are competing in multiple events and need to return to the floor as quickly as possible. Our unique award management process is integrated with the scoring system allowing certificates to be printed and ready by the time participants arrive at the podium. This greatly impacts how smoothly your tournament will run and will keep your participants coming back year after year.

Award Certificates Highlights

  1. The TournamentTiger™ scoring feature allows for immediate tabulation of placements that are sent directly to awards where award certificates can be printed on demand, ready and waiting to be presented to participants on the awards podium.
  2. Use our standard award template or customize it to match your tournament or school branding.
  3. Both email and printed award certificates are supported.

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